Stress, when it is excessive and prolonged,  is a complex issue and it affects both the workplace’s relationships, well-being and productivity.

My passion is to inspire everyone to take responsibility for their own well-being with understanding stress and easy tools for stress reduction.

What are the benefits of Stress Coaching?

For organisations Stress Coaching helps

◊ recognise early signs of excessive stress

◊ prevent burn-out and stress related illnesses

◊ individuals to take responsibility for their own health and well-being

◊ reduce sick leaves

◊ increase workplace co-passion and creativity

◊ increase the productivity and happiness of the work place

◊ improve the team spirit of the workplace


Professional Coaching

Tailored coaching sessions for management teams, sales teams and other workplace units.

The goal of the coaching sessions is to help participants to find means to increase their vitality and find ways to recover in the current situation.

It is important for me to be able to see the results of the coaching sessions. I use measurement tools to verify the methods. Moodmetric Smart Ring and Firstbeat Lifestyle Assesment.


Stress Coaching, half a day 3 h

2580 €

Stress Coaching, day 6 h

3850 €

Stress Coaching Package, four times  2 h /session

7000 €

Prices on-line and  in Pirkanmaa area, Finland

2 h from Pirkanmaa area: + 200 €
Elsewhere in Finland:  + 500 €

Outside Finland: Please contact me for more information.

The pricing includes travel expenses VAT 24 % will be added.


Inspiring lecture that involves participants with discussion and doing stress reduction exercises together. The participants will become aware of their own personal stress triggers and burdening programmings.

The lecture consists of an appropriate amount of stress facts, inspiring real life stories and examples as well as easy tools and exercises for stress reduction. This lecture is an experience that touches and gives something to ponder for a long time.

The lecture will be tailored according to your company’s current themes and strategy.

Duration: 1- 2 h
On-Line/Pirkanmaa area:  1550€
2 h from Pirkanmaa: 1950 €
Elsewhere in Finland:  2250 €

Outside Finland: Please, contact me for more information.

Lectures also available as webinars.

The pricing includes travel expenses VAT 24 % will be added.


One-on-one Coaching will help you

◊  prevent burn-out and stress related illnesses

◊  take responsibility of your own health and well-being

◊  be more compassionate about yourself

◊  become aware of the main causes of your stress and take action

◊  find you the most suitable tools to manage the daily stress load

◊  increase your ability to recover


Read more about one-on-one coaching

”I got nice and easy tools to reduce my stress! Many good and interesting ideas supported by research!”
” I found the practical examples and tools very valuable”
”I enjoyed the personal touch and practical exercises.”
”You have the gift to keep the audience captivated. Great work!”
”Thank you for an excellent lecture! More people need to hear you!”
Lappeenranta University of Technology, School of Economics 

”You are a great speaker and lecturer. It was very pleasant to listen to you!”
” I loved that you shared your own experiences.”
”I would have wanted to listen to you longer.”
”Go on and bring your message to as many people as possible.”
”I loved the easy tools to reduce my stress!”
Fennovoima Plc, participants of the work well-being day

In August 2018 we had a great pleasure to hear from Miia about her experiences in life. Miia’s presentation was truly eye-opening – telling about happy occasions is probably easy for most of us, but it is rare and unique that somebody can share her misfortune so openly with total strangers. I believe that we all got a lot to think about and also good hints we can apply in our own lives.

Best Regards,
Tommi Huttunen, Director, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment Finland

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