I will help you to reduce your stress efficiently and independently. You will first and foremost get an insight into the causes of your own stress as well as an effective, customized stress management program.

My coaching can help you in a situation where you have just found a self-care method and hope for help in getting it out of your daily routine. I'll help you get started with either phone or Skype.

One-on-one coaching can also be helpful when you feel you can not get through on your own. There may be some tricky situation in front of you, which will require a coach to help you proceed.

My coaching is not a discussion therapy but above all I can help you find your own insights and resources and inspire to improve your own life and take your own well-being into your own hands.

With regular exercises you will learn to feel better. You learn to understand why you react to things the way you do. You will learn to accept yourself and your history. You learn how to get rid of the programming that stresses you. You will learn to indulge in yourself and other people. As a result, you may find that your night sleep, eating habits and physical well-being are also improving.

You can reach me by phone +358 400 712 810

By e-mail miia@miiahuitti.fi

Skype @miiahuitti

On twitter @huittimiia

LinkedIn: Miia Huitti

1. Book suitable time for a coaching session on the calendar. First select the number of sessions and then the contact mode from the drop-down menus. One training session is 45 min. You will see the fee of coaching you chose at the bottom of the page. Payment is also made online. You will receive preparation instructions by e-mail before the first session.

Prepare for coaching with by reading the welcome e-mail. Drink water! Find yourself a peaceful and pleasant place for the session. You will also need note tools for your use. It is also good to have a headset so that your hands are free for writing and for the exercise.

3. I will call you at the scheduled time with Skype or phone.

4. I will begin the session always by asking what issue you want to get help with. I do not need to know the background to the issue. I will ask a few questions to find out when the issue has started and what it is about.

I will then create a customized stress reduction program that you write down. You will get personalized instructions for doing your own exercises. Finally, we schedule the follow-up call and possible new coaching session.

5. I will record your customized exercise and send it to you after our session.

6. After the session, you practice independently every day on a regular basis. By doing exercises regularly you will get results done.

7.  If you have any questions, you can reach me by e-mail miia@miiahuitti.fi and text message +358400712810

You are warmly welcome to my coaching!